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Cardiovascular Pharmacology Concepts Richard E. Klabunde, PhD

Cardiovascular Physiology Concepts 3e textbook cover Cardiovascular Physiology Concepts, 3rd edition textbook, Published by Wolters Kluwer (2021)

CNormal and Abnormal Blood Pressure, Physiology, Pathophysiology and Treatment book cover Normal and Abnormal Blood Pressure, published by Richard E. Klabunde (2013)

Guided Learning

The following Guided Learning modules have been developed as an aid to learning cardiovascular drugs. This approach to Guided Learning is based on either Therapeutic Drug Class or Clinical Disorder. The Therapeutic Drug Class focuses on the pharmacology of different drug classes. The Clinical Disorder is more inclusive by addressing related physiologic and pathophysiological topics, as well as pharmacology.

The student is encouraged to go not only to the initial link associated with each question, but also to use in-text hyperlinks to expand upon the physiologic and pharmacologic concepts associated with the question.

Therapeutic Drug ClassClinical Disorder
CardioinhibitoryHeart Failure
CardiostimulatorySystemic Hypertension
DiureticPulmonary Hypertension
ThrombolyticMyocardial Infarction

Revised 10/28/2023

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