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Cardiovascular Pharmacology Concepts

Richard E. Klabunde, PhD

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Cardiovascular Physiology Concepts textbook cover

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Tutorial - Pharmacologic Treatment of Edema Caused by Heart Failure

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  1. What physical forces and capillary structural features regulate transcapillary fluid exchange?  click here
  2. What determines the rate of fluid movement across capillaries for a net driving force of hydrostatic and oncotic pressures?  click here 
  3. How does an elevation in venous pressure lead to edema?  click here
  4. How does heart failure cause edema?  click here
  5. What mechanisms contribute to the increase in blood volume during heart failure?  click here
  6. How does decreasing blood volume by using a diuretic reduce edema associated with heart failure?  click here
  7. How do diuretics decrease blood volume?  click here
  8. What are the differences between thiazide, loop, and potassium-sparing diuretics in terms of their site of action in the kidney and their overall efficacy?  click here


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